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Thread: msimg32.dll is infected

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    msimg32.dll is infected

    hello friends,

    Everytime when I try to run simple programs and basic things like help option in my Windows, I get an error message saying that "MSIMG32.dll is infected" and it won't let me continue further. Can anyone know to resolve this ?
    please help..

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    Re: msimg32.dll is infected

    It can be possible that your computer is being infected by a virus. The file name MSIMG32.DLL is used by both safe and unsafe programs.

    You should urgently check your computer for viruses and remove them. Download Prevx and check for millions of spyware and malware infections including MSIMG32.DLL. Thi free version of Prevx will scan your PC in less than two minutes....

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    Re: msimg32.dll is infected

    Get the original XP cd or the copy of XP cd and re-register it. You'll require to get your hands on an XP disc, a lot of times when you get infected with malware. The malwares corrupts number of system files that needs to be replaced with the original from the cd.

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    Re: msimg32.dll is infected

    Try this ...
    Download Combofix and save the exe file on your desktop to run directly.
    Right-click Combofix.exe & then click Run as administrator.

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