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Thread: What is broadjump client foundation cfd.exe

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    What is broadjump client foundation cfd.exe


    If someone knows that whether or not is a adware that I apparently installed with my ISP?

    I noticed that I have Broadjump Client Foundation in my Programs list under Add/Remove Programs. I also am getting what I think its spyware popup alert every now and then that reads something like:

    Critical System Warning!

    if it is safe, if someone also knows what kind of data they collect?

    thank you in advance

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    Re: What is broadjump client foundation cfd.exe

    cfd.exe is a process belonging to a troubleshooting software from Motive Communications. It enables your broadband provider to offer easy installation and ongoing services to your computer.

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    Re: What is broadjump client foundation cfd.exe

    BroadJump Client Foundation from, now Motive. After reading the description of this product on the BroadJump website, it is clear that some of the functions of this software are what we call adware (software which collects information on your Internet activity and sends it to your ISP so that your ISP can serve you advertisements related to the type of sites you visit). This program typically gets installed when you install software from the Comcast ISP (which took over @ Home and MediaOne), although at the time of writing, 31-Mar-2003, Comcast is not the only ISP which uses BroadJump's software (Southwestern Bell DSL, BellSouth, Charter).

    We are against this type of spyware / adware software, as you know. Additionally CFD creates conflicts on Windows XP which result in users experiencing problems or lack of Internet access when logging off and logging back on as a different user. Again on XP, CFD has been seen to slowly but surely gobble up resources and memory, ending up running at 95% of CPU resources and an impossibly slow PC. You've guessed it: de-install "Broadjump Client Foundation" through "Add / Remove Programs" in the Control Panel, and / or disable BJCFD, or its newer incarnation, CFD, with The Ultimate Troubleshooter. Those users who have done so have reported no ill-effects whatsoever. You can also run Ad-Aware or Spybot Search & Destroy who will both rid your PC of the Broadjump software.

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    Re: What is broadjump client foundation cfd.exe

    If it is not essential and you can uninstall it.
    Look in Add/Remove programs if you can uninstall BroadJump

    Disables security software and HijackThis, check this line:
    O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [BJCFD] C:\Program Files\BroadJump\Client Foundation\CFD.exe
    -> Click fix checked

    This will already prevent it from launching when Windows starts.

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