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Thread: Dc pass splitter

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    Dc pass splitter


    I have a problem of connecting the cable and satellite TV through a cable splitter. I have a so-called ICT home. In my meter, I include a cable television and a cable for the satellite. I have the box in a cable with 3 outputs:

    - 1 for television,
    - 1 for the satellite and
    - 1 for the radio.

    I purchased a splitter and have the meter cables connected. I did the TV and to my surprise I have only one TV signal. If I switch my TV on the satellite I get the text to see NO SIGNAL.

    I tried and I've played do not know what to do . Is it perhaps because of splitter?

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    Re: Dc pass splitter

    This is a somewhat strange setup.

    You would be so in such a splitter to connect back to front.
    That does not cause a problem, but they have a relatively large damping in your signal.

    If you only hook up one of the lines and you use a splitter suitable for SAT (Not all are) it should work.

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    Re: Dc pass splitter

    A DC passing splitter is useful when you are sending DC up the cable for coax-powered equipment, like an in-line amplifier, remote video camera, or infrared signals. DC passing splitters cost a little more, but their insertion loss is a little less (better) anyway.

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