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Thread: Can't connect windows vista to airport express

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    Can't connect windows vista to airport express

    I am having a Laptop running windows vista & was trying to connect to the macbook running on airport express but while trying to connect it gave an error saying "Can't connect the network because of an unknown error" does this mean that airport express doesn't work on vista?? is there any way that can work on my vista with airport express....????

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    Re: Can't connect windows vista to airport express

    Connection with Vista to do has, in one of the 2 possibilities, like with every other method connection. In your case will it the simplest for it Vista, Connection Wizard of this method becomes supposed of most PC's, the other method, those is often used the manual configuration. This method requires that it manually in all of the attitudes, while you must only know that your user name and password that its Internet Service Provider, it, if them first your service. This information is necessary, if the mechanism only over all router.

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    Re: Can't connect windows vista to airport express

    As you've probably discovered, the installation software for Airport Utility is only available on the CD, and not on this website. However, there is a way to get the software, but it requires a bit of a hack on your part.

    1. You will need a program called Less_MSIerables. Download it to your desktop. Unzip that file

    2. Now, download Airport Extreme (works for Airport Express, too) software. Then run that Airport Extreme A window will open that states "This Update requires AirPort Version 5.0 to be Installed". Don't exit from this window.

    3. Instead, go Start ->start search and type in %temp% & press enter. You will see a file folder called I+XP050.TMP+. Open it. Then you should be able to see a file called APsetup.msi & Click your mouse on it, but don't open it.

    4. At the top of the window you will see if the address of this file. If not, click the yellow file folder in the address bar. Copy that address. Then go to the folder in which you saved the unzipped version of Less_Msierables. In its subfolder you will see a file called Lessmsi. Then Right-click on that file & Go to properties. In that Go to compatability. & cahnge it to Run in XP Mode. Then Apply & press OK.

    5. Again right-click on icon. Run it as administrator. In the window that pops up, paste the address of Apsetup.msi. You will see a list of many files, but the one of the first will be APUtil.exe. Then Extract this file to a location that you can easily find. A file folder will appear with a name like _cab_#APSetup.cab1. Open that file folder and you will see a file APUtil.exe. Then Click on that file, and the admin utility will open. You should be able to find your airport device. I suggest that you move this file to your desktop for easy access.

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    Re: Can't connect windows vista to airport express

    Try putting $ in front of the passphrase. Another option is to install your network as a preferred network in Vista and then 'repair' link to see if colleagues. Vista seems pretty Flakey network around, I can 't wait until the release of SP1 appropriate, the candidate and the issue I installed at work seems very promising. Also I agree with ghporter, if you can use it, use WPA, it 'a lot of SA more secure than WEP is.

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