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Thread: DVR setup in home lan network

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    DVR setup in home lan network

    My home network connected through Linksys WRT54G router. The computer in network is connected via RJ45 cable. I would like to connect DVR in my home lan network. I have tried to access DVR through ip address but DVR setup menu won't open. I want to know How to setup DVR with home lan network.Any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: DVR setup in home lan network

    In most routers, a port forwarding rule take the following information:
    Application Name: The label for the forwarding rule.Start and End Port: The application's port(s), e.g. 80 for HTTP. This port will generally be open only when a web server of some sort is running on the machine.Many routers will allow you to forward an array of ports with a single rule.
    Protocol: The protocol (TCP, UDP or Both) for the forwarding rule. In its simplest form, a protocol can be defined as the rules governing the syntax, semantics, and synchronization of communicationThe protocol depends on the type of service you are providing (e.g. webservers use TCP).
    IP Address: The internal IP address of the destination device in the LAN, usually beginning with 192.168.x. Static IP addresses are manually assigned to a computer by an administrator. The exact procedure varies according to platform. This contrasts with dynamic IP addresses, which are assigned either by the computer interface or host software itself, as in Zeroconf, or assigned by a server using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).If your router dynamically assigns internal IPs with DHCP, you will need to configure the server device to use an internal static IP address.

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    Re: DVR setup in home lan network

    First download and install the latest DVR software for DVRyour model.Connect your DVR to the same router that all the pc in network are connectedand also connect your DVR to moniter then On the DVR.Locate the IP address of your DVR now that it is connected to your network. On the DVR screen select link menu which point to your network. The screen will display the IP address that your DVR is connected to and the port that it is listening on.The DVR viewer icon will disply in your windows screen. Double-click on that icon to open the DVR viewer.Then DVR list will open enter a name for your DVR. This can be anything you choose.Enter the IP address of the DVR.Enter the port of the DVRClick on the "Add" button .The DVR should now appear in the DVR listClick on the connect buttonYou will be prompt for a password to connect to the DVR. The default password is "11111111" (8 ones). Enter the password and click "OK".

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