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Thread: Can't connect Windows Xp Pro to dhcp server

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    Can't connect Windows Xp Pro to dhcp server

    I had installed Windows Xp Pro on my system The problem is that i can not connect to dhcp server. Whenever i try to connect my system to dhcp server, it fails to get connected. I had tried out numerous times to connect my system with dhcp server, but it fails to acquire any kind of signals. Can any body provide me the correct solution in order to resolve the above problem? Would be grateful to you if any body helps me out to resolve the above issue.

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    Re: Can't connect Windows Xp Pro to dhcp server

    Are you having Multihomed computer with you? Multihomed computer is the computer which has two NICs enabled on it. If you don't know much about multihomed home computer then its better to know that it has two default gateways which is the big problem for any Multihomed computer.

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    Re: Can't connect Windows Xp Pro to dhcp server

    Another thing you can try to pull the power cord out for a minute and then let your system to get reboot. Also try to look at the back of your computer and check out whether you get any lights around the network port.

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    Re: Can't connect Windows Xp Pro to dhcp server

    You can try out the Cintel Orion Web Server 1.0.110 software for the above issue. As it can help you to get rid of the above issue.

    Cintel Orion Web Server 1.0.110

    Orion is a small, fast and fully-featured web server you can run on your own computer. That means you can host your own website over a local area network, or the Internet. Share files, music, and ideas, or just test-out your web page. Cintel Orion does not require a high specification machine or a high connection speed to run, as file caching and maxium connection settings can be tailored on-the-fly to your needs. If you want to host your own website but you can't find an ISP that doesn't bog you down with banner adverts or maximum file size limitations you need Cintel Orion, which provides many benefits such as no space limitations (excluding the capacity of your hard drive), and the advantage that your files don't have to be uploaded, as they're shared directly from your hard drive. Orion supports password protection, letting you choose which users have access to specific files and folders. In addition, Virtual Folder support has now been added, letting you map directories on your computer to folders in your website. Orion can be loaded automatically when your computer is started, and because it supports DHCP, it can automatically begin serving your website. Orion features a remote console, which is accessible through any web browser.

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    Re: Can't connect Windows Xp Pro to dhcp server

    You can check out the following link Which will help you to do a proper setup of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) for yourWindows XP Professional.

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