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Thread: How to remove Cyberdefender

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    How to remove Cyberdefender

    I have Cyberdefender Free 2.0 which I am using without any problems. But I want to switch to some other antivirus software. I installed BitDefender on my system. When I run a complete scan of my system, the BitDefender detects CyberDefender as the spyware. I don't know the reason and so I want to remove the Cyberdefender. But I don't know how to do so. I tried removing from the "Add Remove Programs" but that didn't help me. Can you help me to remove the Cyberdefender?

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    Re: How to remove Cyberdefender

    All CyberDefender products can be removed using your Start - Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Products menu:

    Uninstalling CyberDefender works like any other Windows program that follows guidelines from Microsoft.

    To Remove CyberDefender completely from your system go to Windows Control Panel and choose the Add/Remove Programs menu. This menu provides a list of currently installed programs including CyberDefender. Just click on CyberDefender and follow the uninstall instructions.

    This will take you through the uninstall wizard.

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    Re: How to remove Cyberdefender

    If you do not want protection from CyberDefenderFREE 2.0, you can disable the networking functions by turning to the Options tab in earlySPY. All changes you make on the Options panel must be Applied to become active. If you leave the screen without applying changes, they will not take effect. There are two elements of the network you can disable here: 1. The ability for CyberDefenderFREE 2.0 to receive the most recent information about threats to your system so that it can best protect you. 2. The ability for CyberDefenderFREE 2.0 to inform Threat Central of any suspicious behavior it has noticed on your system. This allows Threat Central to analyze the information and immediately publish the information so that all CyberDefender users are protected against up-to-the-minute threats as they appear.

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    Re: How to remove Cyberdefender

    Windows Installer CleanUp Utility might be helpful to you. You can use the utility to remove installation information for programs that were installed by using Windows Installer. Be aware that Windows Installer CleanUp Utility will not remove the actual program from your computer. However, it will remove the installation files so that you can start the installation, upgrade, or uninstall over.

    You must be logged on to Windows with a user account that is a computer administrator to run Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. You can download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility from the Microsoft Download Center:

    Download: Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

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