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Thread: How to reset ILO reset switch

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    How to reset ILO reset switch

    Hi, How do I reset my servers configuration made with the ILO and i also need to configure the IP address. This is because while checking the security settings I enable the password and therefor it does not allow me to log on to ILO as it prompt me for username & password.

    Can anyone tell me or suggest me how to set the ILO default setting, please help me.

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    Re: How to reset ILO reset switch

    • Sorry to say that it is not possible to extract the current password, but if you wanted to access the ILO you need to override the switch, therefore you would be allow to access RBSU.
    • with the hood label also you could also reset your iLO default setting, and then you could set your new password.
    • or else i have also read that you could use online host-based scripting utility, HPONCFG, and a "set password" script from within the OS on the host to set the desired password or to create a user account with known credentials.

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    Re: How to reset ILO reset switch

    Following are the steps to set the iLO Security.
    Switch of your server->unplug the server from the rack.->Remove the server access panel.->you need to replace the three pins of J29 and move the jumper from the front and center pins to the center and rear pins to override password security. J29 is to the front of the 30 pin Remote Insight Connector.->Replace the server access panel and put the server back into the rack.->Switch on the Power supply to server.-> Logon to the iLO and reset the passwords.

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    Re: How to reset ILO reset switch

    Make sure to access the iLO,you need to have atleast one of the following ...
    To direct Access to iLO you need to have username and password.OR else you should be able to Root access to the Host OS.OR you need to have Physical access to the machine.OR Disable the iLO security.

    Without having any of the above, you will not be able to access the management processor. This will be required for security reasons.

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