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Thread: How do i open port 25 on Ubuntu

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    How do i open port 25 on Ubuntu

    I'm running Ubuntu 6.06 on my system. I'm planning to run x11vnc along with Ubuntu 6.06. Now, the problem is that when i try to run x11vnc on my pc, it shows me that all all ports are closed on my system. So, i would like to know that how do i open port 25 on my Ubuntu? Does any body knows about it? Kindly provide me the correct logical solution on the above issue.

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    Re: How do i open port 25 on Ubuntu

    For that you need to install Firestarter on your system, in order to support your GUI. For that you can try to find it in Synaptic (System > Administration) or your can also open a terminal:-
    sudo apt-get install firestarter
    You can see it under Applications--> System Tools or you can also try to open it with the following code:-
    sudo firestarter
    For a particular terminal.

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    Re: How do i open port 25 on Ubuntu

    GUI-based repository management is normally accomplished through the "Software Sources" panel. This panel can be accessed via two menus:

    • Software Sources: System--> Administration--> Software Sources.
    • Synaptic: System --> Administration --> Synaptic --> Settings --> Repositories.
    • You will have to enter your password in order to get access to that particular page.

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    Re: How do i open port 25 on Ubuntu

    I think in linux security thing, one needs to to bind it to the low numbered ports. There are many host of tools out there, in order to check if any service is running on a port. By the way have you tried to check out whether no other service is trying to use that particular port on your system.

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    Re: How do i open port 25 on Ubuntu

    Create a tool for host-based iptables firewall configuration. This tool should provide an easy to use interface to the user, as well as support package integration and dynamic-detection of open ports.

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