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Thread: How to configure Firewall and router in win remote desktop

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    How to configure Firewall and router in win remote desktop

    In matter of few days, I formatted my computer and installed a fresh copy of vista due to virus issue. I usually travel in different places for my work. Before formatting i can easily access to my presentation through different computer's by remote desktop. But after installing vista, i set up a all new remote desktop in my office computer to access my presentation's in different places. But things don't work. I tried again to re-establish a new setup for the same, still it is not working. What is the problem with it. Is any new hardware is required to put up for the purpose. Please send suggestion's for this issue.
    Really appreciated..

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    Re: How to configure Firewall and router in win remote desktop

    You have configured your pc to accept remote desktop connections, so that you can get your files anywhere in the world. Well, it will not work until your firewall and router is configured properly to allow the connections.
    You need to configure your firewall in a way so that it will allow the traffic form internet or local network to pass through.
    Normally when you enable Remote Desktop feature. Windows setups the appropriated settings for your Remote Desktop Feature. Also if there is any third party firewall installed on you pc you must configure it manually.
    Now follow the below procedure to set your firewall :
    Go on Start Menu > Click Control Panel.
    Now click on Allow a prorgam through Firewall under the Security Section.
    If you want you can set a account and enter a password.Click on continue.
    Now click on General Tab on theWindows Firewall Settings window.
    Just check out that the Block all incoming connections check box is NOT checked.
    Now click on the Exceptions tab and scroll down to make sure the Remote Desktop item is checked. Now this will ensure that Windows Firewall is all set to allow the connection from Remote Desktop Connections.
    Also if you want to set up Web access with IIS do the following :
    Click the Add Port button. Then, on the Add a Port dialog box, type in a Name (such as Remote Desktop Web Connection) and enter the default port 80 or the port you manually changed IIS to into the Port Number field, select TCP for the Protocol, and click OK.

    Now the last part configuring your Router :
    If your computer is not directly connected to Modem. And if it is running it is running through a wired or wireless router, you must configure the router to connect to the Remote Desktop connection via the Internet. To configuring router includes setting to make router to forward the data. If you are setting up Web access, you also must forward TCP port 80 (or the non-default port you set) to the host computer.

    Now to access your router's Web-based configuration utility, type the IP address of the router in your web browser and press enter.
    Then enter the username and password of your router.
    Go to the Virtual Server or Port Forwarding tab of the router's administration screens.
    Type the port details, for each port you need to forward
    Then enter a name, which you like to display on the remote desktop.
    Click on Save or Apply to finish.

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    Re: How to configure Firewall and router in win remote desktop

    To allow the remote connections you like to connect to, go on the following step :
    Click on Start Menu > control panel > Suystem & Maintenance > System.
    On the left click Remote settings.
    Under the Remote Desktop go to the System Properties dialog box, select any one option click Select Users.
    Click on Add in the Remote Desktop Users dialog box
    Do the following in the Select Users or Groups dialog box
    Click Locations > Select the location you want to search, in order to specify search location.
    Type the name of user you like to add. Click OK
    Your name will get displayed in the list of users.

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