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Thread: IP camera not working

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    IP camera not working

    hello, I bought a ip camera (Marmitek IPRoboCam21) that I plugged into my router Belgacom (SNV6520 Philips), I assigned a fixed address to my camera and I configured my router Philips at the ports ( port 80 ip address on the camera) it works very well internally (LAN) with my laptop in ethernet but when I am going home (where I have other address) and with my laptop it is not working anymore! I was talking about dyndns that I tested well and I created a dyndns account and I set my camera in with a dyndns ip address which was always fixed but I wonder if I should do it and I hope in 24 hours that will work yet because the router's IP address has changed. can you help me, thank you!

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    Re: IP camera not working

    The problem is, in order to access your LAN you need to be able to forward the appropriate traffic from the device with the public IP to the camera. In this case the ISP controls the device with the public IP. It is unlikely they will be willing to set up port forwarding to your router for you.

    VNC would have the same issue. Another option however might be to set up a VPN that requires not port management, such as Hamachi which is also free. This would give you access to a desktop PC on the LAN. If the PC ran Remote Desktop or VNC, you could connect to it, and from there view your camera. Details regarding Hamachi can be found here:

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    Re: IP camera not working

    if your camera has now this IP you need to change your computers IP adress also to fit - (x other than 1) then you can access your cam through your web browser and change it to a different IP which fits your local network. Give it a try.

    In Germany or Europe I can name you a service who can upload a firmware to this cam even if it is not accessable any longer. But you would have to send it in.

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    Re: IP camera not working

    1. Set your router to forward port 80 to the server.
    2. Ask your ISP if they block "servers." Some do.

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