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Thread: JS/Dldr.Agent.Agr.1 Removal Tool

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    JS/Dldr.Agent.Agr.1 Removal Tool

    Hello , I Have Recently Downloaded Updated Firefox and installed it I Have a Avira Antivirus installed , after the installation i Got this Virus Detection fron Avira that it has detected this JS/Dldr.Agent.Agr.1 Virus/ trojan , But it dont seem to remove , Can you Tell me How can i Remove Thanks in Advance for Your Suggestions

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    Re: JS/Dldr.Agent.Agr.1 Removal Tool

    Hello , According to Avira folks, it's a false positive, which will be fixed by the next update

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    Re: JS/Dldr.Agent.Agr.1 Removal Tool

    Avira Support Forums indicate to try running your Avira scan in Safe Mode Delete all your cache including the Java cache. I seem to remember that ATF doesn't clear Java cache effectively (but I may be mistaken) so run ATF then to delete Java cache go to Control Panel, Java, General tab. You should see an area called Temporary Internet Files. Click on Settings, then click on Delete Files. Then boot into Safe Mode and run Avira scan. Hopefully it will be able to quarantine the malware.

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    Re: JS/Dldr.Agent.Agr.1 Removal Tool

    Hello , it just happened to me too. This is actually a javascript (jQuery 1.3.2.min.js-in this case) that is the problem. But it is strange, because this file is not a virus, it is a very popular javascript framework. I think the problem just the antivirus program that has become too stuck in since the update today (23/04/09). Personally my antivirus is Avira Antivir Personal.

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