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Thread: Audio Speaker Having Wifi Interference

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    Audio Speaker Having Wifi Interference

    Hello , I Have just change my Home for a Temporary Basis,at our new location , I was not allowed to setup wired connection , so ultimately I had to opt for wireless Wifi , So what i did i Connected it to my router via wifi. after using it For few days , i am Facing a little problem , whenever i am using internet and if i Start my speakers , there is a bit interference i think in the internet connection the speed Decrease Considerably Can you Tell me is there anything that I can do to avoid this interference thanks in Advance

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    Re: Audio Speaker Having Wifi Interference

    First, ONLY operating equipment can interfere with the Wii's wireless controller....2nd it has to be CLOSE to the operating frequency of the controller....SO....The direct TV reciever can't affect it unless you have REALLY bad RF cables.The wireless modem MIGHT be the closest to your Wireless controllers..Your microwave is NOT turned on ALL the time.....The TV remote is NOT RF is INFRA-RED....Computer speakers operate from 60 to 20,000 cycles per second, it is nowhere NEAR the Wii's wireless frequencies....SO....the wireless modem is the most likely candidate out of all those fact it's the ONLY POSSIBILITY !Turn it off and test the Wii again.Put new batteries in the Wii controller.
    Then run the test again....See what your results are and if they're good, then turn on your wireless modem again Bad?

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    Re: Audio Speaker Having Wifi Interference

    Well, try playing with the mixer first. Mute some inputs and see if it stops. A remote possibility, is the place where the Wireless device draws power, is near to where the sound chip has its three pin linear regulator. Some motherboards provide a separate regulator for the sound chip, to try to remove noise on the power rail. But I've been told, that spectrally, a linear is not really good for doing that kind of cleanup. High frequency noise might get passed through.And if the Wireless device drew so much power, that the linear regulator dropped out, that would also be a good reason for some farts.You still didn't mention whether a sound file was playing at the time.If the sound chip is not being used, and yet there are farts, then at least we know it isn't a problem with DMA data getting there in time.

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    Re: Audio Speaker Having Wifi Interference

    For 2.4 GHz wireless LANs, there are several sources of interfering signals, including microwave ovens, wireless phones, Bluetooth enabled devices, and other wireless LANs. The most damaging of these are 2.4 GHz wireless phones that people are starting to use in homes and some companies. If one of these phones is in use within the same room as an 802.11b wireless LAN, then expect poor wireless LAN performance.

    Microwave ovens operating within 10 feet or so of an access point or radio-equipped user will generally just cause 802.11b performance to drop. Bluetooth enabled devices, such as laptops and PDAs, will also cause performance degradations if operating in close proximately to 802.11 stations, especially if the 802.11 station is relatively far (i.e., low signal levels) from the station that it's communicating with. The 802.11 and 802.15 standards groups, however, are working on a standard that will enable the coexistence of Bluetooth and 802.11 devices. Other wireless LANs, such as one that your neighbor may be operating, can cause interference unless you coordinate the selection of 802.11b channels.

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