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Thread: Disable MAC address filtering

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    Disable MAC address filtering

    I have a D-Link DWL-G730AP Wireless Router.after enableing mac adderss filtering my router doesn't seems to work,Now there is no device connected to it. MAC address filtering to access only computers or devices with the MAC address ... search for devices.Is there a way to disable MAC address filtering or resetting the router or something like that?

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    Re: Disable MAC address filtering

    Some wireless routers have the capability to limit wireless access based on MAC address. This is not entirely worthless as a security measure, but it's close. If wireless security is a concern (and it should be), enable WPA2 encryption, use a strong password, and forget about MAC address filtering and disabling SSID broadcast.

    Some routers also can limit Internet access (this isn't the same as access to the LAN) based on MAC address. This capability is not limited to computers that are connected to the router via a wireless connection. Linksys routers, for example, can limit Internet access based on either IP or MAC address.

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    Re: Disable MAC address filtering

    Thus disabling SSID broadcasts and the MAC filtering may prevent someone from accidentally connecting to your network but anyone who wants to attack your wireless network (or any teenager desperate to find wireless internet because parents try to limit internet access) will quickly find it. With WPA and a strong passphrase your network is well protected. Disabling the broadcast is like adding a tiny little fence in front of a huge wall protecting your home. It also "adds" security by adding another hurdle.

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    Re: Disable MAC address filtering

    The only reason I can think of as to why you would need to disable mac filtering, would be not knowing the correct mac address of your wireless card. Open a terminal (Applications-->Accessories-->Terminal) and enter the following:
    sudo lshw -class network
    find your card, and look at the serial: number. Now check that it is the same on your router's configuration.

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    Re: Disable MAC address filtering

    You have to access router page and disable it.

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