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Thread: share scanner over lan

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    share scanner over lan

    I have 3 computer's in network, out of them 2 computers are running windows 2000 and another one is running windows xp. Now I want to share my Visioneer OneTouch 6600 USB Scanner with the other two computer, so what are the tips to do it? Is there any software required that will do this job pretty easily? Thank you

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    Re: share scanner over lan

    I know there are several models of network scanner out there, but mine is an old Canoscan.

    the default save location is a nifty idea, but with multiple users and unstable wireless shared folders (which I have no idea why shared folders kept popping in and out) I'd like to try a more direct option.

    there's always one program called remote-scan frequently popping from google searches, but forking 50 bucks for it sounds iffy

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    Re: share scanner over lan

    There is a way using a third party software which can be seen here:

    I think this should allow for any scanner to be shared across a network

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    Re: share scanner over lan

    The following website tells about the technologies used in sharing a scanner over network.

    Since you have mentioned that ur scanner is TWAIN enabled, take a look at the following site that has a list of software that can share it across network

    In recent scanners and MFPs from HP (network enabled), it comes with software drivers to share it across network. Just install that software and point it to the network device. There are also options like "Scan to PC" from the scanner interface itself that will scan and send it to the PC's shared directory.

    There are also options in recent HP all in one devices that can share documents through what they call as HP instant share that can mail the images directly, can scan to USB drive etc etc.
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    Re: share scanner over lan

    I guess if your scanner is network enabled, it can be done easily by just installing drivers in your PC and then point to the network scanner. As simple as that..! But if your scanner is not network enabled you may try out this :

    Your scanner must be a TWAIN supported. Download sane-twain windows installer. Install this software on all machine from which you want to access the scanner. Now configure your clients and scan...! Easy right...! Have Fun... All the best...!

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    idea Re: share scanner over lan

    RemoteTwain from ScanWorks allows sharing scanner on network. It makes any scanner as a network scanner.

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    Re: share scanner over lan

    Scanique may be useful to share any type of scanner (twain or wia).

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