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Thread: hotspot shield alternative

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    hotspot shield alternative

    Recently I have been using Hotspot Shield to change my outward IP to something else. But as this thing is limited to only 10gb of usage only so I need to have a alternative for it. So if anyone can help me out it would be great. Thank you

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    Re: hotspot shield alternative

    There are a few VPN providers that work with Linux clients and you could setup OpenVPN in your boxes if you have a server in the US.

    I wrote about all the options to connect to Hulu outside the US, I hope it helps you.

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    Re: hotspot shield alternative

    AlwaysVPN is a free one in beta, but to be honest I haven't got it to work yet (couldnt' connect) but looks promising.

    I've been playing with WiTopia ( which seems to work fine. Cost is 40 US for the year, based upon OpenVPN. Also they have a free PPTP link at the moment as well as part of the package. I got another 10% off through one of the vouchers on RetailMeNot.
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    Re: hotspot shield alternative

    I have been using tunnelblick for the past year. works great for hulu/american only content.

    edit: it's not free. But $40 for a year subscription is about a month of shitty basic cable where I live, so I think it's worth it.

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    smile Re: hotspot shield alternative

    I've been using Private Internet Access (Personal VPN Service) for a long time. It's probably the fastest provider I've had any experience with and I have tried quite a few.

    I think the reason for the speeds is they don't offer "unmetered" bandwidth which is heavily abused.

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