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Thread: Can't delete worms due to Admin. sign on

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    Can't delete worms due to Admin. sign on

    My computor was slowing down, so I ran a series of programs - malware, spyware etc. Each showed a variety of worms, trojans etc. I tried to delete them but I couldn't delete them because it says the "administator" has to be the one to do this. I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR.. I've logged out, re logged in-nothing works. What do I do?

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    Re: Can't delete worms due to Admin. sign on

    Try booting to safemode and run malware, spyware again, you can boot to safemode by tapping on F8 while your pc is staring up and then delete worms, trojans.

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    Re: Can't delete worms due to Admin. sign on

    Thanks- I never had a password on my admin acct- just added one- hoping that will help- plus I just found this 'eyechart' to check to see if you are infected with the Conficker Virus, and it seems that I may be infected with that-I "right clicked" on my spy ware and the open came up to 'sign on as admin' It didn't ask me for my pass word which leads me to believe I may still not be signed in as admin- but if that doesn't work I'll try your suggestion next- Thanks!

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