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Thread: Vpn Connection Keep Dropping

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    Vpn Connection Keep Dropping

    I have a problem with the vpn connection....i am not sure how many of you would have heard abt Q-tel ( the only Internet service provider in Qatar) ...They offer a service called managed VPN... the bandwidth i have is 2mbps ( up & down ) and i have 15-18 concurrent users....I have Managed VPN configured to connect my head office with the remote location.. Offlately, the vpn connection is started to drop .... It does not disconnects as such ....but in the middle of our work the screen gets a little dark & Lan monitors start blinking wid a cross sign on top (right hand side )of the keeps on blinking for about 30 secs or sometimes 1 or 2 mins & then gets back to the normal screen....Initially i thought it could be a problem with our ISP so requested them to check upon it....The other day they did connectivity tests from their end and it seems to b fine....according to them the delay starts as soon as we connect the router to the switch.....They said this is the problem with our Network....i do not understand what exactly does he means by that....could anyone suggest would could be wrong with my network ?? if anyone out there could suggest me with something coz this is really affecting our business…..

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    Re: Vpn

    Hello , A common suggestion is to reduce the MTU size when having drop outs.your MTU Must be Lower than normal but you could still give it a try. Apparently this can resolve the disconnect problem in many situations.

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    Re: Vpn Connection Keep Dropping

    What router are you using? Can you test any other router to see if it is a router problem?

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    Re: Vpn Connection Keep Dropping

    According to the ISP, the delay starts when the switch is connected... In this case i would suggest you to try replacing the switch...! If it is a non-managed switch, use a managed switch... And make Static IP addressing so that the errors and malfunctioning could be monitored easily...! All the best...!

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