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Thread: Xserve and thin client

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    Xserve and thin client


    I saw on the site of Mac, the Xserver.

    My project is to deploy Mac uses free internet allow navigation to the client, printing of documents.

    I wonder whether the xserver posèdent LDAP like Active Directory to set up GPO and apply rules to the Mac clients?

    Is what we can create an area where the Xserve is a domain controller?

    Is there a way for clients (probably the iMac) to PXE boot to download their Bridges since Xserve?

    Thank you for me, I see on the apple site but it is primarily a descriptive material on the Xserve and nothing on the applications that make up the ...

    Thank you

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    Re: Xserve and thin client

    OS X server (server) is the system (software) OS X Server tools

    The Xserve is a server machine configuration (to put in engine rooms, few connectors)

    nothing requires you to have an Xserve to OS X Server, an imac macpro see is fit.

    OS X Server has an LDAP (openldap), it will boot into pxe and other mechanisms, we can manage the rules on the mac posts, however, is different from windows

    Mac OS X Server can act as a client / master active directory.

    it may also be a domain controller.

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    Re: Xserve and thin client

    you realize that all your answers are just on Apple's site?

    Graphical tools are provided that implement a standard corporate directory / active directory, apple called it "opendirectory"

    and OS X Server is relatively simple, yes. Everything is in place the basis for managing a small network of SMEs with administrative tools to "apple".

    however, I am far from considering that balance 3 icons and buttons makes network administration "simple" windows 2003 is of great complexity and in any event so early that you want off the beaten path of active directory / opendirectory, you need to understand what ldap.

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