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Thread: Set User Access Code To Laptop

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    Set User Access Code To Laptop

    Hello , Recently I have to send my laptop which was in the service due to Some Battery Problem So when I Start the laptop , i Did not get the promt Asking for user Access Code , But earlier When I Send It , It Was working well can You tell me How to set to user Access code To my laptop Thanks you in advance for your help.I have Windows XP , want to install Linux in Dual Boot Also so also told me the same procedure for Linux also , Bye

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    Re: Set User Access Code To Laptop

    There are a couple of options that you could do.
    1. Get into your system bios and if there is an option for it you can set a system password this way. (for more details see the manual for BIOS cuz different laptops will have different setting and different types of settings)
    2. Obtain a copy of a program called BootMagic. The copy I have came with PartitionMagic. It allows you to set a password to load the operating system. If you later choose to partition your hard drive and possibly have 2 operating systems, BootMagic will allow you to set multiple passwords, one for each OS on the disk.

    I would suggest that you look into the BIOS option first, as it will likely be there, I know there is an option for a boot/ startup password for most laptops.

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    Re: Set User Access Code To Laptop

    Just go into your control panel which can be found when you click the start windows button. Inside the control panel you should see user accounts. In there you can choose to create a password for your account.

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    Re: Set User Access Code To Laptop

    When logged in, go to start, control panel, user accounts, select your account and press create password. You can also make a BIOS password by going into your BIOS settings and creating a supervisor password so the computer won't boot without it." To make the supervisor password, go into the BIOS setup menu at the very beginning of your computer's booting (there should be something that tells you which button to push to access the BIOS, and it usually says setup or something similar), go to the security tab and put in a supervisor password.

    Also check and see if your administrator account is available for use and put a password on that too (user accounts in control panel while in safe mode). You should be completely covered after that. (;

    Safe mode can be accessed by holding F8 when your computer is booting.

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    Re: Set User Access Code To Laptop

    To change your password, open the Control Panel from the Start menu and then choose the User Accounts icon; if necessary, click your account's image to bring it up. Then choose either Create a Password or Change Your/My Password to add or update a password on your account. Follow the directions on the screen for entering or deleting your password.

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