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Thread: How do i change my security key

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    idea How do i change my security key

    Hello Friends,

    I would like to know that how do i change my modem security key. Can any body knows about it? I would also like to change it from WEP to WPA. Does any body have any idea about it? Kindly suggest me your views regarding to this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How do i change my security key

    To change your security key, click the Account Info link on the top of any personalized property (such as My Yahoo!) and then click the Change My Security Key link. You are then prompted to enter your old security key and choose a new one.

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    Re: How do i change my security key

    Follow these steps (assuming your gateway is

    1)Go to your internet browser (IE, Firefox, etc)
    2)In the address bar at the top, type or what your gateway is, another common one if that doesn't work is
    3)Enter your password to access your router
    4)Go to wireless settings on your router.
    5) Change password.

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    Re: How do i change my security key

    Follow the below steps mention:-

    1) Locate the SSID (Service Set Identifier) and wireless network name that are printed on the label on the back of your BT Home Hub.
    2) Go to Start--> All Programs and click on 'BT Wireless Connection Manager'.
    3) BT Wireless Connection Manager will launch and search for wireless networks that are in range..
    4) Select 'Manage connection profiles'.
    5) Click on 'Edit' for the relevant Hub.
    6) In the security key box, type in the new 10-character wireless key.
    7) Check that the 'Save this information' and 'Attempt to use this connection first' boxes are ticked.
    8) Click 'OK'

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