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Thread: Problom on script of NETLOGON.

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    Problom on script of NETLOGON.


    I have a field Active Dir. “DLF” which turns on a waiter SMB 2003.
    - > the hostname of the waiter is HANOI;
    - > a second controller exists whose hostname is ALEXANDRIA

    I wonder how to manage orders (via script) with the connection of the users/starting PC:
    - Is on the user (on the “Profile” of the card user in the zone “Script of opening of session”)
    - Is via a strategy of safety on the O.U in which my/my users is

    - Is via the 2!
    - > in this case, can there be a problem if same script is called by the NETLOGON file to use it and of the strategy ?

    Another question.

    - > I have a script of NETLOGON which was creates, and which evolved/moved (of the changes has there summers brought in particular for mapping of reader network).
    - > However when I open my session on a station customer, I have the impression that NetLogon script used is not the last version!
    - > I thus looked at the contents of \ \ DLF \ NETLOGON \ mon_script which oddly is ok whereas the readers maps are not it!

    - Do you Have an idea compared to this last case?
    - There-have-you it a synchro has to make between the controllers so that the netlogon is ok?

    thank you

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    Re: Problom on script of NETLOGON.

    For the 2nd question, you ace looked at well the replication of scripts on the various waiters carried out?
    Look on the waiter on which you authenticate yourself, it is that which has script:
    SET LOGON SERVER in cmd.exe

    to force the replication of scripts an order there is seems to me but I know more it is what…Our modo preferred will say that without problem to you

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    Re: Problom on script of NETLOGON.

    You test my script
    that makes it possible to say the way used, therefore you change his way .bat by a .vbs which is my script and you look at where it will seek the trick.

    Dim NomScript, Way, CheminComplet, Message

    'Name Script
    NomScript = Wscript.ScriptName
    'Fully Qualified Name Script
    CheminComplet = Wscript.ScriptFullName
    'Drive/Folder path
    Chemin = Replaces (CheminComplet, “\” & NomScript, "")

    Message = Message & “Name of Script in progress: ” & NomScript & vbcrlf
    Message = Message & “Name of the complete way: ” & Way & vbcrlf
    Message = Message & “Way and Name File: ” & CheminComplet

    Wscript.Echo Message

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    Re: Problom on script of NETLOGON.

    OK they is good I found!!

    I made a strategy to manage a script of opening of session for everyone, rather than to have to do it on each using. Thus the problem comes owing to the fact that script is put out of mask by the strategy in a repertory

    My script is called: LOGIN.BAT
    When I make a search for LOGIN.BAT on the level of repertory SYSVOL , I have 4 results!!!

    Thus I updated manually the script of the repertory of the strategy to be certain that all is up to date…
    SYSVOL \ sysvol \ [DOMAIN] \ Policies \ {8602E798-F379-494D-8B0B-7C2B60381ECB}

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