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Thread: Security & mac mail

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    Security & mac mail

    Hello everyone

    How do I know if a Wi-Fi wireless is secure.

    Since I changed my server I am now all my messages have disappeared and it seems that I no longer have access to Mail I do not know anything in science if someone could help me I thank in advance

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    Re: Security & mac mail

    In the top right of your screen, you have the wifi icon. By clicking, you can show the different networks within range. See if a lock is present right of yours. If yes, is ok. But at the same time, you should know: if it is secure, you had to enter a password to log.

    For missing messages and access to Mail, we must say more: OS update? What material exactly ? What router? What protocol? What version of Mail? patch is installed or not?

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    Re: Security & mac mail

    Thank you for your answer, there is no padlock next to my connection, which means that my connection is not secure, how do I do?

    I have a mail for macbook Mac OS 10.5.6
    Dlink615 router connected to a modem voo.

    What is strange is that when I open mail I have no window that opens I just Toolbar mail if I am new window when I have the normal screen but empty,
    As I have access to I create a mail address in gmail but I preferred that all the mail messages it contained would be useful to me.
    Yesterday I went in my finder and when I click on library then user can then click on mail mailbox all my messages are there but I can not open them.

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    Re: Security & mac mail

    For Mail, a number of things to do before all history to clear the field:
    - Goes on the Apple site, download the patch for Mail; here
    - As long as you're here, download the combo update for Leopard, and install it, even if your system is up to date: it will consolidate the; here:
    - Before and after the installation, repair permissions: go to Applications - Utilities, launch Disk Utility, select your hard drive and start a repair permissions (this is long, this is normal)
    - Go to your Gmail online and make sure that all parameters are properly marked according to what you want (pop or imap), and consult the help for the configuration of Mail
    - You can also consult the help of

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