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Thread: TR/ATRAPS.Gen virus or false warning

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    TR/ATRAPS.Gen virus or false warning

    Since a few days in my pc I have a trojan named: "TR / ATRAPS.Gen. I tried to get rid of by using Antivir, but the beast is still there. Could someone help me please? thank you in advance.

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    Re: TR/ATRAPS.Gen virus or false warning

    TR/ATRAPS.Gen, also called as trojan ATRAPS or ATRAPS.Gen is a trojan infostealer that deactivates Windows system functions and installs further malware onto the infected computer. Normally, TR/ATRAPS.Gen infects Pc's through porn content web sites, corrupt filesharing music and movie downloads or through video codecs and ActiveX updates. After ATRAPS has sneaked inside the system it will activate corrupt wrm32.dll, new29.exe, kildh3l.dll files and download further viruses. The TR/ATRAPS.Gen is a disrupting trojan threat that can steal private information and harm computer files!

    Download TR/ATRAPS.Gen Remover

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    Re: TR/ATRAPS.Gen virus or false warning

    You need to send the detected file (one of the temp files). I suggest you quarantine it and either send it from quarantine or restore it to a different location to send.

    You should hear back from the lab with the result within a day or so, so if you need to compile in the meantime, just choose ignore if you're certain or have the confirmed status back from the lab.

    This isn't a heuristic detection, but it is a generic detection from the engine, so it probably won't be fixed until the next engine update.

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    Re: TR/ATRAPS.Gen virus or false warning

    Where is that TR\ATRAPS.Gen located ? Post here the path.
    You probably haven't set Avira as it should.

    Go to Configuration-> check Expert mode in the left upper corner and then go to General-> Extended threat categories and check there Security Privacy Risk (SPR) and then confirm with OK.

    Then performa a full scan of your computer and move to quarantine what it finds.
    In the end post here a HijackThis log.

    HijackThis - How to use HijackThis? What it dose?

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