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Thread: Unable to connect to Steam Servers

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    Unable to connect to Steam Servers

    Hello everyone,
    When I ask the server list in Steam, it just shows me (about 50 instead of 4000) and when I try to connect to one of them it does not work. The problem is not my firewall or my anti-virus, because when I disable it changes nothing.
    The problem could come from my router. In fact I have a modem with a router Numericable which is integrated, but given that this integrated router running poorly, I have another Belkin, which works better.
    When I open my control panel under "Internet and network connections", I learn that my IP address is and the default gateway is So I type into the address bar of Internet, and transferring all the ports that I have been told to do to with Steamserver (on All this is on my Belkin router. I can not do the same on the router to my modem because the requested IP address where you transfer ports is a 192.168.0. (X). However the problem lies perhaps with not the router.

    Thank you for your help!
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    Re: Unable to connect to Steam Servers

    Would you mind trying a power cycle of the DSL modem and your router? I would like to see if after the line syncs back up if the issue still occurs.

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    Re: Unable to connect to Steam Servers

    you can try deleting the client registry blob file located here C:\Program Files\Steam...not sure it will help.
    Close steam completely, delete Program Files\Steam\clientregistry.blob, restart steam. It will perform an update and then it should work. Always worked for me.

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    Re: Unable to connect to Steam Servers

    The only file you should delete is clientregistry.blob
    If you have a problem still you should check the Steam forums on the steam site
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