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Thread: Difference Between Extranet, Internet and Intranet?

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    Difference Between Extranet, Internet and Intranet?

    Hello, Can you Tell Me What is the Basic Difference Between Extranet, Internet and Intranet ? , Although I know Bit about the trio but Still i Have some Doubt Which i Would like to clear, According to Certain thing i know I Can Says This please Correct me
    • Intranet: the internal network of an organisational entity
    • Extranet: the external network of an organisational entity
    • Internet: the mother of all networks inter-connected on the scale of planet

    So would you please Suggest some more things To Add upto this Information Thanks in Advance for your replies

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    Re: Difference Between Extranet, Internet and Intranet?


    Internet refers to the world-wide collection of independent networks, connected via routers to each other for communication purposes.

    Intranet refers to a collection of networks within a logical body, such as a building, corporation or other entity. Intranets can be as simple as two computers connected at home to each other, or as vast as 1000 branch offices of a bank, connected via privately owned, non-public network links. Intranets usually have a firewall and router, which permits access to the public Internet, while protecting the internal Intranet from malicious users.

    Extranets are collaborative meta-networks which are set up between two or more Intranets to facilitate business or research communication. An example would be General Motors and the many subcontractors that supply GM with parts for their products. GM and it's partners establish links to tie each others Intranets together to better serve each others needs, such as secure communications for financial transactions, parts ordering, etc. Another example would be the Federal Reserve Bank, which maintains an Extranet connected to each of it's constituent banks for the transfer of funds.

    Finally, the term 'internet' (lower case) is a generic description of a collection of networked devices.

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    Re: Difference Between Extranet, Internet and Intranet?

    An extranet is defined as a private network of computers that makes use of internet protocols, network connectivity and a telecommunication system in order to share the information or operations related to the company and its stakeholders.

    On the other hand, an Intranet is also a private network of computers. It also makes use of internet protocols and network connectivity to share organization wide information and processes with it employees.

    Thirdly, an internet is a world wide or global system. It consists of interconnected computers. Data is interchanges through data packets using TCP/IP suite. It is also known as network of networks. This is becuase people make use of it for connecting individual and organization wide network.

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    Re: Difference Between Extranet, Internet and Intranet?

    Well i know the difference Between the two only so take it Internet and Intranet the internet is worldwide, and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Intranet is like local internet, i.e. can only be accessed on a web of computers, like a business, or a school. things on the intranet can sometims be accessed via the internet though. Don't know what the extranet is The Extranet is a portion of an organisations Intranet that is made acessible to authorised outside users without full access to entire organisations' intranet.

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    Re: Difference Between Extranet, Internet and Intranet?

    The following provides a definition about the difference between an
    intranet, Internet and extranet

    • Intranet is shared content access by members within a single organization
    • Extranet is shared content by groups through cross enterprise boundaries
    • Internet is global communication accessed through the Web

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