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Thread: Asus wl 500gP no access

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    Asus wl 500gP no access

    I have a Asus wl 500g Premium. Firmware,It functioned until yesterday perfectly. it no more connected by the modem with the Internet and I had no more access. Thought I preserve a RESET with the Restore button on the back and plays again all Settings.After the Restore the power LED flashes slowly.I cannot route on the IP however via more webbrowser to access.What has happened and what is the solution?Can anyone help!!!

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    Re: Asus wl 500gP no access

    press RESET button longer and/or times plugs pull and with pressed RESET button restart ......

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    Re: Asus wl 500gP no access

    The crate screwed and the pin 9 on method used.A certain pin of the memory is set on mass and the crate is switched on.After 20 seconds again switched off. The connection removes and the crate again switching on.This causes that the current Setting becomes invalid.Afterwards I could up-play the current firmware with the tools “Asus firmware Restoration”.With open expires the warranty of the Routers fails still one is present.

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    Re: Asus wl 500gP no access

    Sounds like your wireless might be having some issues. You shouldn't be having so many frame errors.Not sure how you would go about debugging frame errors, but in case that isn't the problem...
    Are you getting an IP address on the clients (i.e. DHCP)? what if you hardcode the ip address of the client to
    Also, what happens if you do a broadcast ping "ping -b" on linux or "ping" on openwrt or mac or windows.

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