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Thread: Wi-fi set up

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    Hello Friends

    I would like to know that how can Wi-fi set up can be done? I'm planning to buy a new laptop having Wi-fi connection facility in it. Does any one knows how can i do a Wi-fi set up? Any information related to it would be appreciated.


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    Re: Wi-fi set up

    Some Wi-Fi cards can be set to automatically detect and connect to Wi-Fi networks. It is still important to know how to manually set up your Wi-Fi card to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Steps for setting up a laptop to access a Wi-Fi network connections.

    1) Before you attempt to use any Wi-Fi network, find out what the SSID, Channel, Mode and WEP key are. Some Wi-Fi locations do not require a WEP key. Many Wi-Fi providers have this information on their web site or when you purchase access you will be provided the information.

    2) Ensure you have a firewall program installed and running. This will protect your data.

    3) Start up your laptop and once booted, look for the Wi-Fi network icon in the bottom right of the screen.

    4) Click on the Wifi Connection icon on bottom right of screen and you should see a window that indicates connection, strength and duration. Click on the Properties tab.

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    Re: Wi-fi set up

    Follow these steps to connect your computer to your wireless network:

    1) Right-click the wireless network icon in the lower-right corner of your screen, and then click View Available Wireless Networks. If you run into any problems, consult the documentation that came with your network adapter. Don't be afraid to call their tech support.

    2) The Wireless Network Connection window should appear and you should see your wireless network listed with the network name you chose. If you don't see your network, click Refresh network list in the upper-left corner. Click your network, and then click Connect in the lower-right corner.

    3) Windows XP prompts you to enter a key. Type the encryption key that you wrote down earlier in both the Network key and Confirm network key boxes, and then click Connect.

    4) Windows XP will show its progress as it connects to your network. After you're connected, you can now close the Wireless Network Connection window. You're done.

    Note: If the Wireless Network Connection window continues to show Acquiring Network Address, you may have mistyped the encryption key.

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