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Thread: Having password problem in W2K DUN

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    sad Having password problem in W2K DUN

    Hey Everyone,

    I had set up the password option in to DUN, but whenever i try to access through my dial-up connection it shows the error message "incorrect password string ". I tried to reset my password option but it didn't work for me. Can any one tell me that why i'm facing such problem? Any help on this issue would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Having password problem in W2K DUN

    It may only occur due to the following situations.

    • Your password list (.pwl) file is damaged.
    • The Rna.pwl file (if it exists) is damaged.
    • Password caching is disabled.
    • Automatic logon is enabled.
    • One or more of the files that are associated with Dial-Up Networking is missing or damaged.
    • User profiles are disabled, but the ProfilesList key is present in the registry.

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    Re: Having password problem in W2K DUN

    Try to set up your dial-up configuration properly. follow the below steps mention and see to it that it is properly configured.

    1) To begin the installation and configuration of dial-up networking, double-click on the Make New Connection icon. The Network Configuration Wizard will appear and guide you through the setup process. When you click Next, you’ll see the screen shown on your desktop.

    2) Select Dial-Up To The Internet from the list of options and then click Next. You will be taken to the Internet Connection Wizard where you will be given several configuration options. For the best configuration, select I Want To Set Up My Internet Connection Manually or I Want To Connect Through A Local Area Network (LAN).

    3) After making your selection and clicking on Next, you will be taken to a window where you can choose to set up a dial-up connection or LAN connection.

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