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Thread: How to setup a ethernet switch

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    idea How to setup a ethernet switch

    Hey Friends

    I would like to know that how can i setup a ethernet switch connection? I have Windows Xp install on my system. Can any one tell me that, how can i do so? Would appreciate your help.

    Thanking You.

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    Re: How to setup a ethernet switch

    The following would be require to set up a ethernet switch connection.

    1. An Ethernet port on your computer. This can be built in, but most often is from an Ethernet card (also known as a NIC card).

    2. A Category 5 cable, also known as a CAT 5 cable. This is a standardized cable for networking.

    3. An Ethernet hub or Ethernet Switch. A hub is a central point for the network. This is the place where all the computers are connected together so that they may communicate with each other. (An Ethernet switch is more intelligent than a hub but can cost a little more. I'd go with the switch.)

    * How to step up:-

    The NIC card is installed into the computer and the CAT 5 cable simply connects into the Ethernet port and then connects into the hub (or switch, you can interchange hub and switch through out this article).

    Get another computer, do the same and connect the CAT 5 cable to the NIC card and Ethernet hub and now these two computers are physically networked!

    Of course you would have to install the correct software on the computers and set them up ń giving them a name etc. Each operating system is different so setting this part up for each type of computer is a whole other topic. But once this is done your network is set up.

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    Re: How to setup a ethernet switch

    You can follow either of the two ways to set up your ethernet switch connection.

    The first way: Put a network card in each computer. In addition, buy a 2-port hub or switch. Plug one computer into one of the hub ports. Plug a second computer into the second port. You can buy a hub or switch in 2-port models, 4 ports, 6, 8, even 32 ports! In addition, you can use the uplink port to connect to a cable or DSL modem for highspeed Internet access to all the computers connected to the hub or switch.

    The second way: Buy a special type of network card and cable for a coaxial network. This is a peer-to-peer network where there is a card in each computer and they're directly connected to each other. This only works with two computers and isn't upgradable if you want to add another computer to the network anytime in the future.

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    Re: How to setup a ethernet switch

    You can also try out by this way.

    1. Find the WAN or uplink port of the Ethernet hub. Typically, it is located on the rear of the unit, and it is often separate from the LAN ports.

    2. Connect an Ethernet cable from the WAN port of the hub to either the Ethernet port of the internet modem or, if expanding a network, to an empty LAN port on the existing network’s router, switch or hub.

    3. Plug an Ethernet cable into one of the LAN ports on the Ethernet hub and connect the other end of cable to the computer or device that will be added to the network. Repeat for any other devices that will need to be on the network.

    4. Power up the Ethernet hub and the computers or other devices attached to it. On the front of the hub will be a series of LEDs that correspond to each LAN and WAN port on the hub. Every port that has a cable plugged into it should have one or more of the LEDs lit that represent that port. If not, check the connections and swap out the Ethernet cable if necessary.

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