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Thread: Problem while accessing cctv system

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    unsure Problem while accessing cctv system

    Hey Guys,

    I'm using a wireless network, i had connected cctv to my system through a router. I'm not able to use my system over the internet, my router keeps on blocking all the incoming signals. Can any one help me out to resolve this problem? Any kind of information would be appreciated.


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    Re: Problem while accessing cctv system

    It may be that your Firewall settings in your router needs to be modify, before you access the system over the internet. Check out whether your router is getting static IP address or not.

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    Re: Problem while accessing cctv system

    It may be that you might having two firewalls running on your system, one is the Windows Xp firewall and another is the in build firewall on your router. Try to disabled both the firewall and then try to access your system over the internet. Running firewall while accessing internet, may not allow your cctv system to access the internet.

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