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Thread: 56K Modem

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    56K Modem

    I am trying to configure my 56k modem on a Dell Inspiron 1300 but when I click on the numbered panel message I have a connection that says to "pick up the handset and reporting etc etc" as if there was any share a parameter that the modem would be unable to send tones. This modem has already been operated on using AOL. I uninstall AOL in case. If I pass by Hyper terminal and gives the command ATDT 1234567 ex I very tones. Everything seems OK except for one detail somewhere, but where and what.
    Thank you in advance

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    Re: 56K Modem

    The connection is perhaps the key or the?

    I'm looking for the old term??

    There are 2 mode of composition, and the former TouchTone dial, you
    perhaps on the old?

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    Re: 56K Modem

    Small question. The modem is connected to the telephone line, because if it does not detect the tone of the line it does not compose the number.

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    Re: 56K Modem

    What windows are you?

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    Re: 56K Modem

    I finally found the bobo. In the Network Connections control panel, under the advanced tab there was a hook: Numbering assisted by an operator.
    Thank you very much.

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