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Thread: Problem installing DIR-615 Router

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    Problem installing DIR-615 Router

    I put the installation cd, it has Started, when the program wanted to connect to the Internet, I have obviously allowed, and there Bingo:
    "Error 313" Several wired network adapters found. "
    "The configuration of the router requires activation a wired network adapter"
    A sign-adapter -
    B-disable other adapters
    When I put the cd of course I still had my "old" branch road. so I unplugged everything and then I Plague the new router on the sector (on my UPS actually), same result .... I did a warm boot, same thing.

    I do not know what to do?

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    Re: Problem installing DIR-615 Router

    How is this connected at the radio end ?
    do you have amodem that connects to the radio tower

    You should be able to use that adapter to set up the router - I have done in the past on a USB - Lan adapter, I think??? on a windows 98 PC

    starting from the beginning

    you have a PC - Make and model please
    I assume you have a modem which is plugged into your computer to get connection now - correct

    lets see if you have a LAN on the PC (Its been a long while since LANS where standard on motherboards
    can you got to device manager and post back whats listed
    control panel
    hardware tab
    device manger button

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    Re: Problem installing DIR-615 Router

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    Re: Problem installing DIR-615 Router

    Current going !
    I have a router installed and working very well (a wired router).
    Currently my setup is as follows:
    Internet cable modem is in the way.
    modem, a router rj45 goes in the WAN port
    router, a rj45 goes to my PC
    the router, rj45 other 2 go to 2 other PCs.

    Now, to connect the new wireless router, before you start anything, what I have to disconnect? and reconnect with what first ...??

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    Re: Problem installing DIR-615 Router

    I solved the problem.
    The error on the detection of multiple wired network adapters detected "was correct!
    I have realized that I use both, for troubleshooting, TeamViewer. And checking my network connection, there were TeamViewer VPN.
    I've temporarily disabled, and bingo "everything worked perfectly. My two PCs (with cable) and also recognized the wireless (EEE PC).

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