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Thread: Concepts and types of networks

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    Concepts and types of networks

    Network concept:

    A network is a set of things connected with each other exchanging information. For computers, there are at least two interconnected computers that exchange data.

    A network allows:

    • Communication of several computers to each other (or more people between them)
    • Sharing files, printers
    • Play with several
    • The uniqueness of information (for files frequently updated, the network can update all PCs on the grantor).
    • A more efficient and therefore better productivity

    There are different networks:
    • The Peer to Peer (two computers so they only have a "function" on the same network)
    • The client / server network. They are held positions with servers that provide information to the client (such as the internet)

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    Re: Concepts and types of networks

    The different types of network:


    LAN (local area network) are the local networks. The computers are connected through cables in a small geographical area. (we usually use Ethernet technology to connect the PC)

    A LAN is a combination of PCs being close to each other connected to the network (either with son and in this case often for ethernet technology that allows up to 100 Mbits per second (Gbit 1 for GigaEthernet) or without son with technologies such as WiFi).

    The MAN

    The MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) are used to connect multiple LAN close them. To link them, it makes use of routers and fiber optic cables allowing access to high speed.

    The WAN:

    The WAN (Wide Area Network which means WAN) are used to connect remote LANs together. The flow becomes increasingly weak in terms of distance.

    The Internet is a combination of WAN.

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