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Thread: Unable to find DNS error server

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    Unable to find DNS error server


    Recently i'm facing a problem while accessing my internet, it shows me an error stating "server cannot be found". It happens every time whenever i try to access any web sites. Even i can't log in to my hotmail, as soon as i get login it cuts down automatically after few minutes. I'm unable to understand the exact problem. Can any one help me out with this problem?


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    Re: Unable to find DNS error server

    Check out your physical connections whether they are plugged in properly or not? Try to check whether it is getting a valid ip address or not?

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    Re: Unable to find DNS error server

    Try to clear you temporary files in internet explorer, and then reboot your computer. You can also try to disable your Firewall and see if it's working for you.

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    Re: Unable to find DNS error server

    your browser shows "server cannot be found" ..
    so check first your that router working fine .connection light glowing or not
    if all indication is fine then go to camand promp and use ping instruction .
    if there is no response of data transferring then all to your internet service provider on call center .

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    Re: Unable to find DNS error server

    Hey my router is working absolutely fine. I don't think my router was having any problem. Now i'm not facing that problem any more, because the actual problem was from the internet service provider side. Anyways thanks for your suggestion

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