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Thread: Secure your Netgear router

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    Secure your Netgear router

    Hello Friends,

    I have a Netgear router at my home and I think my neighbors are using my internet because it is suddenly running very slow.
    I have tried reading articles online and searching forums but have come up empty handed and even more confused.

    So I need step by step directions on how to secure my rounter.

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    Re: Secure your Netgear router

    Secure your Netgear router you have to follow the given steps :

    1. Firstly, limit the access to your network by limiting it only to the computers you choose.

    2. To do this, find out the MAC address of each computer you have by going to start->run.Type cmd.& click ok. At the prompt type ipconfig /all (with a space between ipconfig & the /)

    3. In the new window, you will see a line saying "physical address", this is the unique MAC address for the wireless card on this other wireless card has this same address.

    4. Please write this MAC (or "physical") address down & do same for each computer on your network.

    5. Make sure that all computers on the network are turned on & able "to see" the router.

    6. Connect one of your computers to the router via an ethernet cable & on that computer, go into (your account),

    7. Click on "wireless settings" on left, then on Set Up Access List button & put a tick in "Turn Access Control on" & then put a spot by & add the MAC (physical) address for each computer shown on your network, into the "Trusted Wireless Station" section. Check that these MAC addresses agree with the ones you have written down before. Click apply.

    8. Then if you haven't already done so set up or change the WPA-PSK security access key for your network. (or WEP if you only have this option)

    9. Then go to "set password" under Maintenance on left. Change the login password to access your account (the one used with admin which has a default password of password)..Because if I know the default password then so will others!

    10. Lastly, this is something you can do... When you have all your computers set up & able to access the net from your router then & only then, disable the broadcast of your SSID from within

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    Re: Secure your Netgear router

    You can dowload the software from the Netgrear web site.
    Delete you current software by going to Control Panel and Add Remove Programs.
    Install it again and you will reach a step to add security.
    Choose WEP. You will need to create a useid and pass word.

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    Re: Secure your Netgear router

    Follow the steps :

    • Log in to router web interface using http:\\ or http:\\ (depending upon the ip address of the router)

    • username : admin ,Password : password (unless changed)

    • Click wireless settings under setup

    • Make security as WEP

    • Security type : automatic

    • Encryption strength : 64 bit

    • Put a check mark on key 1 & typein any 10 digit key & apply the settings.

    • Then from your wireless computer try connecting to your wireless network which will prompt you to enter the wep key.Just enter the 10 digit key & confirm the same and click connect.

    • Now you have enabled wep for your wireless network and it's secure.

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