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Thread: network cable unplugged

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    network cable unplugged

    configuration xp sp2 NIC Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast

    Here is my problem

    I can not connect to the internet via ethernet usb only by cutting but it is hellish long until it provides assistance! my cable is new connecting to the computer modem for ethernet but I wonder if my card network is not HS since I do not understand much! it is active in the device manager I do not really understand anything! how can I know if my network card is HS? thank you for your help

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    Re: network cable unplugged

    You have a Livebox?

    Before, it worked properly?

    Have you checked the settings of your modem / router and your local connection?

    testing this:

    Met your connection to the RJ45 cable

    Start> Run> type cmd + Ok

    Type ipconfig / all entry +> copy of the report here

    Tape ping + entry> gives the result of the response
    Tape ping>
    Tape ping>

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    Re: network cable unplugged

    Branch your Ethernet cable on port ETH 1 (ETH and 2) your Alicebox.

    Plug the other end of the cable to the RJ45 port of the network card in your PC.

    Start> Run> tape control + entry> Network Connections> gives the status of "Local Area Connection" (not "Local Area Connection 6), ie, is" off "," connected " or "network cable unplugged"

    Again, ipconfig / all and post the report

    You do not answer the question: Before, it worked properly?

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    Re: network cable unplugged

    I am with the same problem of "cable unplugged"
    I explain:
    Following a power outage, I relaunch my pc and a icon comes up "unplugged cable" appears.
    Indeed, the lights (green) I took the pc Ethernet and the alicebox
    I reset alice ... light (eth1) lights well during the reset .

    pings: works well
    the other 2 and google do not work ...

    an idea?
    Alice died?
    my PC is dead?
    the cable is dead?

    thank you in advance for your help.

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