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Thread: Making connection with Port 80

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    Making connection with Port 80

    Hello to all,

    I wanted to make connection with my lan PC's which has the WI-FI setup and wanted to make connectivity between two PC's through port 80.

    I have also installed game that needs a quicker connection to the server and i never had a problem connecting to the server untill a day when i runned a trace route.

    It creates a log on the server and it took very long time to get connected.Then when I checked the log file on a server after a month my hop count increased again to 15 so my Internet service provider. week by week my hop count goes on increasing.

    I had checked that problem on many sites but i did not get the relevant answers therefore I battle to get in on the server to play my game.My problem is eventhough I had WI-FI setup still I got slow speed,How to get rid of this,So guys please help me.

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    Re: Making connection with Port 80

    My wild gues would be that the problem has something to do with you chaning the IP address. I think you have no firewall but I think you have some kind of iptables running

    iptables -F
    iptables -t nat -F
    iptables -t mangle -F
    iptables -X

    Use this to clear your iptables and run your configuration again. Check that you changed the ip and net's everywhere in your configuration. Only thing I can think about is this.

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