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Thread: File Recovery In Basket

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    File Recovery In Basket

    Hello to all,
    My PC has caught a virus and trying to remove it, I delete a file system. When you restart Windows does not open over the explorer ... in practice we see only the background without the icons and bar windows. I would restore deleted files, which are all still in the basket, to make it functional again, but I can not access it. I tried both with dos that with the implementation of a new operation with task manager but we can. How can I fix?

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    Re: File Recovery In Basket

    Try to create a boot cd with bart-pe, should be able to see and move files from the basket of your windows.

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    Re: File Recovery In Basket

    Most likely you did not delete a system file, but the virus had entered in the register configuration of the links to itself and now that you have not removed any part. I was such a thing happened on a friend's computer, but by removing 2 or 3 keys from the registry had resolved everything.
    For if you remember what virus it was?

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