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Thread: How to quarantine NOD32,please help!

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    How to quarantine NOD32,please help!

    I have recently installed NOD32 as my Anti virus of choice BUT it keeps quarantining things i don't want it to items such as cracks, keygens and keyloggers which i purposely use.

    is there a way to stop that OR is there an antivirus that is 'crack' friendly?

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    Re: How to quarantine NOD32,please help!

    Unfortunately, I am not a specialist in NOD version numbering.
    I receive something named (nd98en3r.exe and ndnten3r.exe) about 3-4 months ago.
    The bundles above include API and were tested with x-Wall. Everything was fine.
    I was also promised that the API functionality would be included in regular version soon.
    Special license for API access was compiled into x-Wall binaries.
    Might be I confused the version numbers…..
    I cannot contact them with the question now, is down from my connection point Sad.
    I will certainly ask ESET about compatible version.

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