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    hi everyone , im wondering if any of you genius people out there could help me out on something im not sure about with this
    im running a windows 2003 server with three websites on and a smtp for 4 emails on , everything works fine, but ive done a netstat and im getting this:---

    Microsoft Windows [Version 5.2.3790]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2003 Microsoft Corp.

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>netstat

    Active Connections

    Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
    TCP ubuntu:smtp ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:smtp ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:smtp ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:1276 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:1277 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:1278 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:2766 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3092 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3093 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3094 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3095 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3104 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3106 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3109 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3114 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3118 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3209 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3352 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3355 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3357 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3359 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3361 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3364 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3369 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3373 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3375 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3377 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3386 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:ms-wbt-server dougysmaincomp:1547 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3390 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3394 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3402 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3403 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3404 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3405 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3406 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3415 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3417 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3476 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3488 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3527 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3528 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3534 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3536 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3537 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3548 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3549 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3551 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3552 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3554 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3555 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3556 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3557 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3558 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3559 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3560 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3561 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3565 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3567 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3568 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3569 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP ubuntu:3570 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3572 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3574 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3575 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3576 ESTABLISHED
    TCP ubuntu:3583 SYN_SENT

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>

    is this normal or is like me im suspicous of them as i dont understand them
    any help would be greatly appreciated
    thx dougy

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    Re: netstat

    So are you any having connectivity issues. This are all the open ports in your computer and it is showing you all the active connection, what are the programs using the network resources and at which port.

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    Re: netstat

    Hello doogles! As mentioned by Zachary, are you having any issues with your connection. Because as you might be knowing "netstat" just shows the network statistics displaying both incoming and outgoing network connections, routing tables, etc.

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    Re: netstat

    netstat 5

    Running netstat with a number after the command will continue to run the command until stopped. In this case netstat would be refreshed ever five seconds. To cancel press CTRL + C.

    Notice: Keep in mind that if you have network applications open, such as the browser you're using to view this page, additional items will be listed when you run "netstat" and/or the "netstat -a" command. So you may see items from Computer Hope in your list; if you want a true listing of what is running in the background, close all programs and run the command.

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    Re: netstat

    thanks guys for all your information on this, in clearer now how it all works, it seems that the server is slowing down , thought it might have something to do with network , my inetpub/mailroot/badmail folder is very unresponsive to look inside or to delete,

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    Re: netstat

    Hello doogles! We can't help you with just the output of netstat command, we require some more information. If you are having some problem with some folders on server then please mention how you are connected with your server, how you are accessing the server and all that....

    Hope I was clearer to you!

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