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Thread: Windows XP's user32.dll indentified as Trojan by updating AVG

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    Windows XP's user32.dll indentified as Trojan by updating AVG

    In terms of antivirus, AVG is certainly well placed among the free tools the most efficient.However, last weekend was somewhat bumpy for some users of Windows XP in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch protecting their systems with AVG 7.5 or 8.0.

    Indeed, the blacklist identifying threats to remove was updated on October 8 last and it was the user32.dll file version 5.1.2600.3099, which have been identified as infected with Trojan horse Generic9TBN or PSW. Banker4.APSA.Only problem is that it is a system component essential to the smooth operation of Windows XP.If the user chose to save the file in quarantine, it is destroyed, it becomes impossible to restart the system.

    Technical Support AVG has posted instructions for users affected by this problem.A spokesman for the company said: "The users can not use their PCs should contact their dealer or ask a friend to download information and the patch for them."

    Thierry Bonhomme, president of Square, the distributor of AVG in France, said to 01net, a patch was made "in two hours during the night from Saturday to Sunday, correcting shoot users whose PCs remained lit. In addition, technical assistance would have received approximately 2,000 requests for telephone support.

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    Re: Windows XP's user32.dll indentified as Trojan by updating AVG

    It is not the first time that this is going on with AVG antivirus

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    Re: Windows XP's user32.dll indentified as Trojan by updating AVG

    I did not do the update lol so am happy to hear that.

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