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Thread: User32.dll

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    I recently downloaded the Windows XP Sp3. Except that the file was full of viruses, so suddenly I deleted it. Now, the problem is that the file user32.dlll comes up as not found. Now when I turn on my computer I have this error message:
    STOP: c0000135 {unable to locate component} This application has failed to start because user32.dll was not found. re-installing the application may fix this problem. whats the deal?

    If anyone has any ideas about it then do let me know, unless reformatting in the end is a big pain. Thank you

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    Re: User32.dll

    have you tried copying user32.dll back to the c:\Windows\System32 directory from the XP disk, another computer, or parallel install of XP?

    If you can get to Safe Mode or Even Safe Mode Command Prompt you may aslo be able to run "sfc /scannow" at the prompt and get Windows to check all of it's system drivers and replace any that are found corrupted.

    hope that helps!

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    Re: User32.dll

    Download user32.dll given below in the attachments. The file is compressed so you need an unzip software in order to use the file. We recommend you to use WinRAR We recommend you to use WinRAR (demo 40 days).

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    Re: User32.dll

    Janos ... you could have said that the user32.dll you uploaded here, is actually a french version for the xp sp2 ...
    ... I find myself in the situation the a virus afected my user32.dll and I can`t find my windows cd in this moment ), so I downloaded yours and it`s useless because I need a normal english version for xp sp3 ... and I think that Kool needed a xp3 version aswell so I don`t think you helped him at all...

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