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Thread: Faronics Deep Freeze Losing the Security War

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    Faronics Deep Freeze Losing the Security War

    Faronics Deep Freeze has all but bitten the dust at this point. They have been struggling to secure their program against a program called Unfreezer by Emiliano Torres (a black hat programmer in Santa Rosario, Argentina). In the last three versions of Deep Freeze, they have completely failed to stop Unfreezer from being able to thaw systems without the password. Each time they say they are "looking into it" and "analyzing the situation", blah, blah, blah. But each time they come out with a new version, Emiliano easily defeats it by updating Unfreezer almost immediately. They are also trying to keep the vulnerability a secret, saying nothing about it on their web site. They released a patch in a lame attempt to stop Unfreezer, but did not tell their customers it was available. Only those who requested help because their systems were being hacked were given the patch. Otherwise no one was told about it. In Deep Freeze Enterprise v5.70.220.1347, their latest version, intended to put a permanent end to Unfreezer, it only took Emiliano one week to update Unfreezer to kill even that version. You could say Emiliano put an end to Deep Freeze!

    Deep Freeze


    If anyone knows a way to help me secure my network of over 65 computers, please advise here. I have lost complete confidence in Deep Freeze. Faronics is dishonest, lame, stupid, and refuses to properly secure their program against Unfreezer.

    What are some good programs to secure desktops that can't be hacked?

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    Re: Faronics Deep Freeze Losing the Security War

    You've mentioned Emiliano and the freeze problem before. I had responded that I really didn't consider him a black hat. Putting that aside for a moment, if anyone would know which program works, it would be Emiliano himself. I would ask him directly. Who else would know better but the guy who can crack the system?

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    Re: Faronics Deep Freeze Losing the Security War

    I wanted to test this unfreezer 1.6 on a local ROP machine. It had successfully thawed the computer. My Instructor was glad that I had found the security flaw, instead of yelling at me for attempting to mess with the machine, he said I didn't have to work on anything in class until the semester was over.. Anyway, I had an idea. Since Deepfreeze cannot be removed(properly which causes boot problems) through using Emergency recovery disk software, nor can the hard drive be formatted. Why not implement a secondary security force, working with deepfreeze software. That way, no matter how many version Emiliano generates, it will remain secure.

    Over the six years, I have spent all my life comparing and studying different types of software and programs. Under security,1 CLick and lock helps increase security because it locks safe mode,Taskmanager, and all other keys on the keyboard. At startup it prompts for a password. The passwords are not cached, and since safe mode is disabled, the person cannot run programs in any other booting cd or what not. The funny part is that if they try using boot cds to remove 1click and lock from the registry, deepfreeze,regardless of what they do, will restore the prior registry/services settings.
    IF you install 1 click and lock after installing deepfreeze, enable all security features on 1clickandlock before freezing the harddrive using deepfreeze. The program will prompt all users at startup for a password restrict any possibl(workarounds), and they will not be able to run anything because the screen appears too quickly,(provided startup programs must load first before others can). What's more, the program is very inexpensive and proves an exceptional addition to the everpopular deepfreeze.

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