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Thread: PC- TV connection

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    PC- TV connection

    Hello! What if I can connect my computer to a television without using cables (via wireless)? If so, that device must be used and where they could achieve this? What happens is that the computer is far from the television and move every time you want to see a movie is uncomfortable.

    Thank you.

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    what can you do for wi-fi, you would need a receiver and a transmitter, not very expensive, I think that best buy one bag. Surely in any hardware store to have it.

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    With regard to your response, I would like to ask if I could give details of how to connect my PC to the TV via WiFi. Rather, I refer to the kind of hardware you need for both PC and TV. Between my computer and the TV there are 25 meters and the truth is I also do not like having to move the PC

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    Hi Stephanatic although you can view your PC display on TV using a suitable VGA to S-video converter. as for wireless connection you will need a wireless transmitter and receiver. this product is available on is the link.

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