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Thread: DNS will not resolve

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    DNS will not resolve

    Our Primary DNS server of will not resolve. All workstations are using to do name resolution. We are only on one domain. The DNS servers are using their own IP's as the primary DNS server in their network settings. I can't figure out what is going on here. Our Network Administrator is no longer here and I've been given the responsibility to resolve the DNS issues. I'm sure you may need more details but at this point I don't know what other information you will need until you ask.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!!!

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    The problem is that the server won't act recursively (in other words, it won't look up domains such as that you aren't authoritative for), but you have disabled recursion?

    If you need the server to be recursive, you can't disable recursion. It's best to have separate servers for authoritative (your domains) and recursive (other domains), but if you need to use the same server for both, it should work OK. However, in this case, you need to enable recursion but restrict it to your own network (unfortunately, if you use Microsoft DNS, it has a bug that prevents you from restricting recursion to your own network).

    Also note that the DNS Report cannot do any testing of your recursive DNS server (which, from the perspective of the DNS Report, just either works or does not work; there is very little else that it can do).

    Another note is that the Microsoft article is *VERY* misleading; it refers to a "non-recursive" query as part of a recursive DNS lookup. Ignore "iterative" vs. "recursive" (it's only good to know the difference if you write DNS software, or want to become an expert in DNS).

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    Does it resolve using any other external DNS? if it does, you can put that DNS in your DNS forward list.

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    You domain name is the same as your web site name?

    If this is the case you need to add a couple of records to your forward lookup zone.

    I need some more info to help you with this issue.

    who is the web/email hosting company?

    Is you email hosted on site or with a hosting company?

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