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Thread: ISP Proxy address Blocked, help

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    ISP Proxy address Blocked, help

    My ISP is using a proxy server which I believed blocked the use of p2p file sharing programs, please could anyone help me on how to get around it and make my emule connected to the internet?

    Thank you

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    Check to see if your Web server works by using a URL: Use the port number that you're listening on and the real IP address of your machine. Add a Web Forward entry for your domain called "" that points to http://www.domainname:6000/. We recommend turning cloaking off in this case, letting people know they are going to is usually OK, and it allows the browser to perform better.

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    Unfortunately I am not an IT expert either but I seem to be the only one around. Yes, you are using a dynamic IP address and if you are trying to send mail through that address it will be blacklisted (not blackmailed - that is a different thing blackmail = chantaje ). See Spam database lookup - not currently listed on SpamCop but it may have been before. Note the expressions like "Dynamic IP or generic rDNS. Use your ISPs mail service." Receiving servers using those blacklists would block your mail whether spam is coming from your address or not - they block because it is a dynamic address. Is there any reason you are not using your ISP's mail server?

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