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Thread: Internet Connection using 1394 Net Adapter

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    idea Internet Connection using 1394 Net Adapter


    Am a newbie in building the PC, couple of years back i have build a celeron PC and with that knowledge I helped my nephew upgrade his PC.

    He had a 7 years old HP PC which had issues in frequent restarting, it was 512 mb intel pentium processor, i don't have the model name.

    He had a gaming motherboard, AMD processor based, some nvidea stuff.
    What we did is replaced the old motherboard with the new, eliminating the CDROM,floppy drive.

    The system came up well with a alert on the first screen for setting up the system configuration, or F1 to continue and option for setting up the CMOS.

    We pressed F1 to continue and we are doing it everytime we restart the PC.

    Then I tried to connect to the internet, we have a DSL connected directly.
    I was able to see 1394 connection in the network places, checked the device manager and i was able to see a yellow question for ehternet controller.

    There were three cards that we installed, one has USB like connector, one has phone jack and i dont remeber the third one. Earlier the PC was connected to internet with the same internet connectivity.

    I need help in fixing this,

    1. startup screen F1 to continue,
    2. Floppy drive disable - i dont want that to be showed
    3. how do i connect to internet

    Please help.

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    yellow question for ehternet controller
    This means that you have not installed the drivers for the ethernet controller.

    For F1, ther might be a setting that you need to disable I think in the BIOS.
    And for the floppy drive, why dont you remove it if you dont want to use it.

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    thanks for the response.

    In the device manager I have the network adapter shown without any errors.
    In the other devices the ethernet controller is shown with a yellow question.

    Floppy driver us not installed. It still shows!

    Is the 1394 Net adapter used for internet connection?



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    Is the 1394 Net adapter used for internet connection?
    Yes it is necessary for the net connection. Dont you have the driver cd which usually come alongwith the motherboard? It has all the drivers that you want.

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    Re: Internet Connection using 1394 Net Adapter

    I don't believe this guy is right. From a different thread is the following, and if you search for 1394 net adapter, you'll find another one that says similar:

    1394 is firewire. It is not an ethernet adapter. It is listed as a network
    adapter because firewire can be used to connect two computers directly and
    network them to eachother. Look under your device manager and see if your
    ethernet adapter is listed under Network Adapters. If it is, and has a red
    X on it, then you need to install the drivers for that Adapter. If not then
    you should select that adapter to be the default under Network Connections
    in the Control Panel not 1394.

    Now, I'm in a similar boat, except my system doesn't list my ethernet adapter at all. Good luck, and just find the drivers for your ethernet adapter, as one suggested, on a disc that came with the mb, or online. And then select it, NOT the 1394, from your Network Connections options.

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