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Thread: Problem with Realtek driver

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    Problem with Realtek driver

    Hello everyone ... my problem is I have to install the driver my network card and can not find it on any pages, this is Realtek RTL8185, this is the exact model I have to lose but I can not find.
    If someone can help me I am very grateful, now thanks to everyone.

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    Hello to respond we need more data, operating system and model of machine apparently is a problem downgrade, that is trying to install a system xp in a machine for hearing.
    That is the problem?

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    Not that it's not my problem, I just reformat the computer and installed Windows XP SP3 already had before it ... then install the drivers for sound and video, but I do not have the CD of the network card(Realtek RTL8185) . I have lost it. So please tell me option to download driver.

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