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Thread: Can't password protect docx in Office 2007

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    Can't password protect docx in Office 2007

    I am not able to password protect any file in Microsoft Office. I had tried to add the password but still it is not working. I am quiet annoyed with the entire setup. I am using a Microsoft Word file. When I add the password and save it later on one opening it does not ask for the password. I am trying to find out information related to that but still not able to find the same.

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    Try to run the repair setup. You must remember that once you lost the password you would not be able to turn off the password. It would be complicated to work on it. The password can added simply from Tools > General Options. That is the only place from where you can add and remove the password.

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    Hey guys, was a solution to this problem ever found? I'm having the same problem. We're using Word 2007 within a Citrix environment, however the password protection feature isn't working for 'Opening' a document. If I save the document and place a modification password on the document, I cannot open it and modify the document without the correct password. However, if I only place an 'open' password on the document, it bypasses it without any password being entered. Even more confusion now. If I save a .doc document through Word 2003, and place a password on the document. I cannot open it in Word 2007, it states the password is incorrect. It isn't. This is only for Word 2007....we can password protect Excel 2007 (.xlsx) documents without any problems.

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